Switch your manufacturing plant to SEE 

Company Profile 

“Oxa Group” represents a group of furniture production factories that belong to a holding company, with an extensive experience in the wood processing industry, since 1947. From chairs, and tables, to TV stands, bedrooms and sofas, our company offers a full range of furniture products for every home and family. We aim to fulfill the needs of our customers by providing diversity and quality at the same time. Wood is our passion, so we treat it with care by optimizing production processes to minimize waste, respecting the environment, and managing the company footprint of our business activities by keeping it at low ranges.

Switch your manufacturing plant to SEE 

Due to our large production and warehouse capacity, we offer cooperation opportunities for joint venture production companies, which might be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic situation, especially those operating in China as producers and serving the European Market. Supply chain difficulties are other factors that enhanced the need for switching the production and operation regions by the companies which struggle to keep the advantage in the market. South Eastern Europe, is a new anchor destination for establishing manufacturing plants, thanks to many positive qualities of the region, such as a young population, cheap labor force, low tax policies, and strategic geographical position for reaching European Markets.

Fast access to central Europe, low production cost

A country like Kosovo, positioned at the heart of the Balkans with the youngest population in Europe, offers multiple advantages in business doing and production facilities establishment especially. Its easily accessible highways towards Europe, via land in the north and sea in the south, give Kosovo unique qualities and competitive advantages for foreign production companies that serve European or other world markets, due to its fast reach in Central Europe. Production costs are an added value to the enhanced competitiveness for production in Kosovo, because the labor force is highly available and much cheaper than the one in European Markets, which makes it financially sound for producers to gain higher profit margins.

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