Tedes Contract

Through its team of architects and designers, Tedes Contract utilizes and uses at their best possible way all the resources of Tefik Çanga Design, Divani, DECO and Elitte Sofa to offer our customers high luxury custom order furniture.

DECO Home Furniture

Being one of the biggest investments after privatization, DECO has the latest high-end manufacturing technolo-gy. As the biggest and most qualitative producer of bedrooms DECO has a capacity of 13,000 bedrooms a month. It has a covered …

production plant 18,000 square meters, where 68 professionals produce the best quality bedrooms.


Tefik Canga Design

The Wood Combine Tefik Çanga was established in 1947 and was,still is, the leading furniture manufacturer in the Balkans, producing solid wood chairs and dining tables, bedrooms,kitchens and sets sofas. The main market was Europe and also United …

States, where Tefik Çanga exported the Colonial Chairs and Rocking Chairs.
In 2006, Oxa Group privatized this manufacturing giant, to rename it to Tefik Çanga Design LLC, and continued the woodworking history and also investing in the high-end manufacturing technology.


Rubin Invest

Rubin Invest was established in 2004, a perfect time for developers to invest in a developing country such as Kosova, a post war country. Being one of the first development companies in Kosova, Rubin Invest had a head start in the construction industry and managed to

do so for the years to come. After the great start as an investor and developer, Rubin Invest started investing partially in the execution of construction works, and now Rubin Invest is one of few general construction contractors in the market that can handle turn-key projects.



Being a part of Oxa Group made easy for RICON to climb to the top 10 companies in Kosova to do business with. To this also contributed the high quality of construction works in all projects accomplished by RICON. Even though established as a company in 2010,

prior to that RICON operated as a construction department since 2008. With over 600 regular and seasonal construction workers, RICON manages to undertake every construction project, residential or commercial, private or public.



Divani has a capacity of 2,200 sets of sofas a month. It has a covered production plant of 7,000 square meters, where 108 professionals produce the best quality upholstery products of all designs: classic and modern, but the most important comfortable.

Rubin Jewerly

RUBIN Jewellery was founded by Avdyl Hoxha in 1965 after he has ended the 4 year artisans school in skopje he started as independant family owned jewellery business based in Skopje, Macedonia – and over the years has grown to be Kosova’s favourite …

Gold manufacturer and retailer.
RUBIN Jewellery now has 6 retail stores with gold and silver jewelery and 2 production line of sheet and investment casting with totally 18 employees.
In our showrooms we serve you our experience of years combined jewelery with ORDINARY and European styles.
RUBIN Jewellery now carries over 5000 different designs of gold jewelery, with more than 200 new designs added every year. By importing directly from Italy, Turkey, Thailand, as well as more than 500 own gold jewelery designs we are able to provide a very competitive pricing structure as well as maintain a high level of quality control.



We deal with sale and manufacturing of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, wedding rings, jewelry with gemstones and semi precious gems and not to forget about the children products with different shapes. In our offer we have joined articles from quality …
manufacturers, for which we provide counseling and technical support.
Our professional staff is ready to meet your requirements at anytime, in all our locations.

Elitte Sofa

“Elitte SOFA” is a company that produces exclusive and contemporary upholstered furniture, made in Macedonia, according to Italian expertise and design. The high quality sofas gradually is conquering the market in the world.
The sofas are high quality, with 10 years guarantee. For every sofa “Elitte SOFA” selects the best materials, 100% real Italian leather and best types of fabrics and microfibers.



Ripal is maintenance company which deals with support and maintenance of OXA Group Assets, specifically for residential buildings: Veranda, Kullat and Centrum 1&2.