Prezentojmë qendrën tregtare në ambient të hapur
“FERIZAJ RETAIL VILLAGE”në qytetin Ferizaj do të fillojë me punë në fillim të vitit 2018.
Aty do të gjeni brendet më të njohura botërore dhe kosovare, siç janë: KFC, JUMBO, JYSK, NEPTUN, DON CAFFE, COMODITA, PRINCE CAFFE, LTB, GARDA, etj.
Ferizaj Retail Village me sipërfaqe totale prej 27.000m2 qe do zhvillohet në tre faza, dhe do të ketē mbi 500 vendparkime në fazen e parë, kurse në total 1200 vendparkime.
Ftohen të gjithë përfaqësuesit e brendeve internacionale që kan interesim për lokacione të reja në Ferizaj të na kontaktojne në Inbox.

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Furniture retail in Kosovo is very fragmented with many low quality manufacturing workshops with a shopfront trying to sell their own product in one hand, and the are fiew  high priced imported furniture retailers that are targeting high net worth individuals, 

The VIP Mobilje is targeting lower middle class, middle class, and middle upper class customer segments with mothe than 200 home furniture product that are produced by sister companies, like Tefik Canga, Divani, Deco Home Furniture, Sofa Avantgarde, ElitteSofa, and Tedes.

Also other furniture producers are welcomed to be part of the retail sales in Kosovo and regional market.

A Kosovo furniture showroom was inaugurated on Thursday in Stuttgart, Germany. The Minister for Trade and Industry Hykmete Bajrami was there for the inauguration.

The Association of Wood Processors of Kosovo, with support from our #EMPOWERPrivateSector, facilitated the establishment of the showroom, and will continue to facilitate the process of establishing a sustainable business relationship between Kosovo furniture producers and the sales agent in Germany.

On August 27, 2015, the new U.S. Ambassador in Kosovo Greg Delawie visited the Tefik Çanga, one of the most recent grant beneficiaries of USAID’s EMPOWER Private Sector. The company management gave a tour of production facilities, and a presented their various production lines of sofas, chairs and tables, and custom-made furniture.  Valon Gashi, Business Development Director, thanked Ambassador Delawie for the assistance given to the company to establish the new production lines for children’s beds and classic-style sofas, which are expected to create around 63 new jobs, of which 45 only within the first year of operation.

TEFIK CANGA is proud to present first partnership with Empower – USAID Private Sector Program for Support for the trade fair in Germany M.O.W-MESSEZENTRUM BAD SALZUFLEN in 20st – 24th September. Pushing the Kosovo’s Products worldwide.

Rubin Jewelry is celebrating 50th Anniversary.

OXA Group recently signed Joint Venture agreement with First Trust Company from Switzerland, in order to do Development for international projects in South Korea, Europe and Worldwide.

March 2010 OXA Group Opens new Factory-Plant DECO Home Furniture.

TEDES Contract successfuly delivered interior project in Zurich, Switzerland. The Restaurant name is Andulino and is located in the industrial zone of Zurich. Project was completed in October 2013 and Andulino became one of the most visited Restaurants in Zurich.

TEDES project HAMAM bar is chosen as the best world interior bar in 2013.
This project was projected from the Architect Perparim Rama, based in London and interior was successfully executed from TEDES contract in April 2011.